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Raisins Gaulois Lapierre

That kind of wine you wish it would never finish!
A light, joyful Gamay from Beaujolais that differentiate iself from the mass-produced majority of Beaujolais wines.
Bright, fleshy fruit with that delicious red currant, strawberry notes and a palatable joie de vivre.
Serve slighlty chilled, salut!
"Nobody’s wines taste like Marcel Lapierre’s. He is the source of a whole new school of winemaking, turning the hands of time back to wine the way Mother Nature envisioned it. Tasting it can change the way you taste wine." Kermit Lynch
Colour, Body, Origin
Country France
Region Beaujolais
Grape Variety Gammay
ABV 12.5%
Body Light
Colour/Style Red