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  1. Straffe Hendrik Tripel product photo
    Straffe Hendrik Tripel

    Aromas of spicy black pepper, coriander and ginger with hints of orange

  2. Hoegaarden  33cl product photo
    Hoegaarden 33cl

    Unfiltered Belgian White, flavoured with coriander and orange peel, creating a sweet

  3. Leffe  Blonde  33cl product photo
    Leffe Blonde 33cl

    A classic and authentic blonde abbey beer with a slight hint of

  4. Duvel 33cl product photo
    Duvel 33cl

    A strong Belgian pale ale; golden in colour, with a slightly fruity

  5. Westmalle Tripel product photo
    Westmalle Tripel

    A clear golden yellow Trappist beer. A beer-lover's beer, this is full-bodied

  6. Lindemans Ginger Geuze 750ml product photo
    Lindemans Ginger Geuze 750ml

    GingerGueuze pairs the  sourish character of a lambic with the refreshing tastes

  7. Brugse Zot Dubbel 330ml product photo
    Brugse Zot Dubbel 330ml

    Malty and sweet with hints of liquorice. It pours dark amber and

  8. St Bernardus Abt 12 product photo
    St Bernardus Abt 12

    Quadruple style - dark with a full, white head. It has a

  9. Brugse Zot Blonde 75cl product photo
    Brugse Zot Blonde 75cl

    Brugse Zot Blond is a golden blond beer with a rich foam collar

  10. Chimay Doree Gold product photo
    Chimay Doree Gold

    Chimay Gold has an intense Golden hue.

  11. Westmalle Dubbel product photo
    Westmalle Dubbel

    A true Trappist beer. Dark reddish brown in colour, it is rich

  12. Brugse Zot Blonde  33cl product photo
    Brugse Zot Blonde 33cl

    Four different kinds of malt, and two different kinds of hops give

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Products 1-12 of 38