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Vermut de Capçanes

A wonderful Vermut from the village of Capçanes in Spain. In 1933 five families from the village established Celler de Capçanes. Today at Capçanes two winemakers combine their talents. Angel Teixido, the most experienced winemaker at the winery, is also in charge of viticulture. Jurgen Wagner, who studied at Geisenheim and the University of Tarragona, brings his experience to composing and styling the blends. This is a dynamic winery producing exciting wines.

Dark chestnut and caramel color, Gentian, elderflower and sage aromas. A good body on the palate, soft sweetness, pleasant bitterness and a very balanced structure, that invites you to drink it on its own or with ice.
Body, Origin
Food Pairings Perfect with any appetizer: olives, cockles, crisps, nuts. You may combine it with dishes that require its Mediterranean aroma
Country Spain
Region Priorat
Grape Variety Grenache Blanc, Macabeu
ABV 16.5%
Body Full
Glass Pairing