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Inniskillin Niagara Gold Vidal Icewine Ontario

Inniskillin is now synonymous with top quality icewine and consistently sets the bar much higher than its competitors. They harvest at a higher brix level than the minimum set by the VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance in Ontario) and their wines have a higher level of residual sugar. This gives richer, more intense wines that merit their higher price. Inniskillin was founded in 1975 by Austrian chemist Karl Kaiser and Italian-Canadian agriculture graduate Donald Ziraldo, who worked tirelessly to introduce better vines and superior winemaking techniques to Niagara. In 1984, to make the most of the extreme Canadian winter, Kaiser produced his first icewine - a pivotal point in garnering attention from the international wine world.
Grape Variety 100% Vidal
ABV 9.5%
Colour/Style White
Glass Pairing