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Avondale Jontys Ducks Pekin White, Paarl

Jonty’s Ducks wines are slowly made with natural yeast, free of all artificial additives, certified organic, low in sulfur, and absolutely delicious!

Owner Johnathan Grieve employs a “posse” of ducks, which patrol the vineyard looking for and destroying snails, which eat the vines. The ducks are an eco-friendly way to avoid using harmful chemical poisons to kill pests and act as the guardians of the vines on Avondale.

I taste pure fruit of lime, grapefruit, pineapple, quince, with just a dash of honey on the nose. The palate is dense with ripe flavors and juicy with tangy peach and brie flavors, delivered with good intensity and freshness. These mouthwatering flavors linger on the palate.
Colour, Body, Origin
Country South Africa
Grape Variety Chenin Blanc driven with balance made up of Roussanne, Viognier & Semillon
ABV 13.5%
Body Medium
Colour/Style White
Glass Pairing