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  • Chinnery Gin 70cl
    Dublin, Ireland
    A brand new favourite addition to our Irish Gin selection! "With Chinnery Gin, we wanted to capture some of the romance of the Old China Trade. In the early 19th Century, all trade with Imperial China was conducted at the southern port of Canton, by order of the emperor. Among the main commodities purchased there were silk, porcelain, tea and cassia. We searched the wholesale tea market at Canton for a very particular variety of oolong tea and combined it with cassia bark (sometimes known as Chinese cinnamon and often used in place of cinnamon) and osmanthus, a flower with a wonderfully sweet fragrance that is redolent of the very streets of Canton. Chinnery Gin evokes the romance and flavours of the Old China Trade with sweet oolong tea, spicy cassia bark and wonderfully fragrant oamanthus flowers." Chinnery distillery

    Chinnery Gin 70cl

  • Bonac 24
    A fresh gin out of Co. Wicklow distilled with juniper, angelica root, cucumber, spearmint, pear, lemon, bergamot, curacao, to name a few botanicals... aromas of spring fields, mint and fresh cut grass hit your nose upon pouring a glass. On the palate, good amount of juniper, fresh citrus, earthy spice and green fruits. Serve with tonic garnished with mint and lime.

    Bonac 24

  • James Joyce Gin
    Dublin, Ireland
    "A beautifully crafted, premium small-batch Irish Gin with delicate notes of bay leaf, heather and clove, this smooth blend of nine botanicals will keep the spirit warm and the soul hearty. BOTANICALS Bay Leaf ~ Heather ~ Clove Coriander ~ Juniper ~ Cassia Bark Orris Root ~ Angelica Root Citrus Peel"

    James Joyce Gin

  • Bonac Gin Box
    Wicklow, Ireland

    Bonac Gin - 1 Gin Fusion Kit - 4 Poacher's tonic - 1 Bonac Gin Glass (while stocks last) in clear lid box.

    Bonac Gin Box

  • Dingle Gin Box
    Kerry, Ireland
    Dingle Gin - 1 Gin Fusion Kit - 1 Dingle Gin Glass - 2 large Fevertree Tonic ~ in hat box

    Dingle Gin Box

  • Gunpowder Gin Box
    Gunpowder Gin - 1 Gin Fusion Kit - 2Fevertree Tonic ~ in clear lid box

    Gunpowder Gin Box

  • Glendalough Gin Box
    Wicklow, Ireland
    Glendalough Gin - 4 Poachers Tonic ~ in clear lid box

    Glendalough Gin Box

  • Ha'Penny Pot Still Gin
    Taking its name from the famous Ha'Penny bridge in Dublin, this gin is infused with 13 botanicals that were traditionally found in the walled gardens at Phoenix Park, including geranium, dandelion flower, blackberries, and lavender. A floral gin with a subtle fruitiness - smooth on the palate.

    Ha'Penny Pot Still Gin

  • Old Carrick Mill Gin
    This Gin hails from the town of Carrickmaccross in Co. Monaghan. There is an old saying from the area which goes ‘ from Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen, there are more rogues than honest men.’ It stems from an incident where a young man was up before the local Magistrate for being drunk . When questioned, the man man claimed that someone had slipped some whiskey into his tea, to which the Judge replied ‘from Carrickmacross to Crossmaglen, there are more rogues than honest men.’ Patrick Kavanagh immortalised the saying in a later poem. This Gin is named after the incident and poem from Kavanagh, who was from Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan. Creamy and smooth in the mouth with flavours of green herbs, juniper, citrus peel, spice and pear tart. The quality of the ingredients and base spirit shines through creating a gin that is pleasant to drink even without mixing.

    Old Carrick Mill Gin

  • Listoke 1777 Irish Gin
    Louth, Ireland
    A robust and rounded gin from the heart of The Boyne Valley in Co. Louth. Jasmine, juniper, citrus and cardamom are botanicals favored here. Serve over ice with a good tonic and slice of orange rind.

    Listoke 1777 Irish Gin

  • Grace O Malley Heather infused Irish Gin
    An intense Irish gin using 14 botanicals form the west of Ireland. A rounded fresh and fruit forward style. Lovely floral hints from the heather and a herb infused finish. Serve over ice with a wedge of blood orange.

    Grace O Malley Heather infused Irish Gin

  • Cork Dry Gin, 'Naggin', 20cl
    The biggest selling gin in Ireland. Light with subtle botanical flavours.

    Cork Dry Gin, 'Naggin', 20cl

  • Cork Dry Gin, 'Shoulder', 35cl
    The biggest selling gin in Ireland. Light with subtle botanical flavours.

    Cork Dry Gin, 'Shoulder', 35cl

  • Cork Dry Gin, 70cl
    The biggest selling gin in Ireland. Light with subtle botanical flavours.

    Cork Dry Gin, 70cl

  • Dingle Gin
    Dingle Original Gin is made in small batches of 500 litres. In terms of its broad style, this is what is categorised as a London dry gin but the unique character and flavour, which include amongst other botanicals, rowan berry from the mountain ash trees, fuchsia, bog myrtle, hawthorn and heather.

    Dingle Gin

  • Drumshambo Gunpowder Gin
    Staff Favourite
    Delightfully fresh and rounded up front with citrus, juniper & spicy notes immediately evident. The expected Juniper follows close behind. Gunpowder Tea, meadowsweet & Coriander are all notable. The overall impression is of a very well balanced and surprising gin.

    Drumshambo Gunpowder Gin

  • Gunpowder Irish Gin and Tonic Gift Set
    The fantastic Gunpowder Gin from Drumshambo with two bottles of Poachers Irish Tonic Water, two bottles of Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and a gin fusion kit for experimentation presented in a cardboard gift box with windowed lid. *For deliveries outside of Dublin, presentation will include appropriate packaging to limit breakages in transport and may not appear as per photo. Contents will remain the same.

    Gunpowder Irish Gin and Tonic Gift Set

  • Glendalough Wild Gin
    A gin made with fresh botanicals sourced from the mountains in Glendalough surrounding the distillery. Aromas of citrus, pine and juniper followed by a mellow, cool start on the tongue. Notes of Summer flowers and Autumn fruits follow with hints of warm spice. The finish is long and warming.

    Glendalough Wild Gin

  • Blackwater Gin
    A classic London Dry Gin distilled with 12 botanicals and soft local water. Ten classic botanicals are used, with two unique botanicals added in! Confident notes of juniper are balanced with bright coriander, cinnamon spice and zesty lemon. Perfect for your classic G&T!

    Blackwater Gin

  • Bertha's Revenge Gin
    A spirit out of Co. Cork, using whey alcohol from local dairy farmers combined with well water and locally foraged botanicals to create a truly unique gin. Aromas of juniper, cardamom, cumin and sweet citrus hit your nose and on the tongue it is smooth with sweet orange, coriander followed by warming cumin, clove and cardamom. A smooth, warming finish completes the entire package that is Bertha.

    Bertha's Revenge Gin

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