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  • Château Raymond Lafon, Sauternes 1999 37.5cl
    Bordeaux, France
    Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon
    This delicious dessert wine displays aromas of baked apples, luscious tropical fruits and orange marmalade. The palate is rich and concentrated with perfectly balanced acidity preventing it from being too sweet.

    Château Raymond Lafon, Sauternes 1999 37.5cl

  • Siefried Sweet Agnes
    Nelson, New Zealand
    Full and luscious dessert wine with zesty concentrated citrus peel and floral notes. Natural sweetness is almast perfectly balanced by clean acidity. Delicious!

    Siefried Sweet Agnes

  • Disznókõ Tokaji Aszú ‘5’ 2008 500ml
    Tokaji, Hungary
    Furmint, Harslevelu and Zeta
    Enticing aromas of fresh fruit, wildflowers, honey and creamy vanilla. Perfectly balanced notes of peach, lemon, honey and tropical fruit appear on the palate, and merge with a delicate mineral note on the long finish.

    Disznókõ Tokaji Aszú ‘5’ 2008 500ml

  • Isole e Olena, Vin Santo 375ml
    Tuscany, Italy
    65% Malvasia, 35% Trebbiano Toscano
    This a very intense Vin Santo with aromas of dried apricots and honey which give way to a rich palate filled with concentrated notes of honey, apricot, fig, and vanilla. Delicious and fresh finish with perfectly balances the 220 grams of residual sugar!

    Isole e Olena, Vin Santo 375ml

  • Chateau Du Haut-Mayne 2012
    Bordeaux, France
    Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc
    Really lovely dessert wine! Notes of candied apricot and dried fruits on the nose. Hits the palate with bold flavours of honey, baked banana, and brioche bread.

    Chateau Du Haut-Mayne 2012

  • Killahora Orchards Rare Apple Ice Wine, Ireland
    Cork, Ireland
    Rare apples
    Unique Apple Ice Wine from co. Cork made with juice from Killahora rare apples, concentrated using freezing temperatures and slowly thawed. This creates a beautiful, deep and rich must which is slowly fermented for a year and stopped before completion, leaving hslf of the apple sugars intact...nothing is added. It is a world firs in that its made mainly from Bittersweet cider apples, and the 1st Irish Wine ever sold. Killahora has waited 200 years to fulfill its true destiny, to make this, its premier drink.

    Killahora Orchards Rare Apple Ice Wine, Ireland

  • Peter Lehmann Botrytis Semillon Barossa Valley 1/2
    Barossa Valley, Australia
    100% Sémillon
    Displays a bright gold color; a reflection of the grapes long hand time on the vine in the presence of the noble mould. The rich palate is abundant in tropical fruit, apricot, and melon, balanced by a fine acid line.

    Peter Lehmann Botrytis Semillon Barossa Valley 1/2

  • /
    Rheinhessen, Germany
    100% Rieslaner
    Beguiling aromas with notes of ripe mirabelle plums and exotic fruits. Very juicy in the mouth, classy acidity, but also a lot of elegance, fine creaminess on the finish. Geil Gutsweine are unpretentious, everyday wonders with careful grape selection and extremely high standards. Geil is produced in the small town of Bechtheim, which lies in southern Rheinhessen, amid the softly rolling green hills of the Wonnegau rising from the Rhine plateau.

    Weingut Geil Rieslaner Beerenauslese 37.5cl

  • Inniskillin Niagara Gold Vidal Icewine Ontario
    100% Vidal
    Inniskillin is now synonymous with top quality icewine and consistently sets the bar much higher than its competitors. They harvest at a higher brix level than the minimum set by the VQA (Vintners Quality Alliance in Ontario) and their wines have a higher level of residual sugar. This gives richer, more intense wines that merit their higher price. Inniskillin was founded in 1975 by Austrian chemist Karl Kaiser and Italian-Canadian agriculture graduate Donald Ziraldo, who worked tirelessly to introduce better vines and superior winemaking techniques to Niagara. In 1984, to make the most of the extreme Canadian winter, Kaiser produced his first icewine - a pivotal point in garnering attention from the international wine world.

    Inniskillin Niagara Gold Vidal Icewine Ontario

  • Zantho Beerenauslese Burgenland 375ml
    Burgenland, Austria
    100% Scheurebe
    An outstanding Beerenauslese that pairs with fruity desserts or strong hard cheeses. With time this wine will develop complexity and more honeyed flavours in the bottle. On the nose are wonderful aromas of exoctic fruits, banana and pineapple. The palate is incredibly fruity and coats the mouth with a fine balance between the sweetness and the acidity of the wine.

    Zantho Beerenauslese Burgenland 375ml

  • Liliac & Kracher Ice Wine Transylvania 375ml
    Pinot Gris, Neuburger and Muscat Ottonel
    Eiswein refers to the process of allowing the grapes to freeze on the vine during a frost. The grapes are then picked and pressed quickly so that the frozen water content is separated from the now concentrated grape juice. The production of Eiswein is risky because of the risk that a frost will not come soon enough or the grapes rot beforehand. This means that Eiswein is more expensive and certainly rarer than conventional sweet wines, and the quality is astounding. Immense concentration of pure, rich peach and apricot fruits, balanced perfectly by cleansing citrus acidity.

    Liliac & Kracher Ice Wine Transylvania 375ml

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