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  • Andeluna, Malbec
    Mendoza, Argentina
    Great colour intensity with violet hues. Aromas of diverse fruits and flowers, with notes of "dulce de leche", vanilla and chocolate given by its ageing in oak barrels. Smooth attack in the mouth, typical of this variety.

    Andeluna, Malbec

  • Salentein, Portillo Rosé
    Mendoza, Argentina
    Highly aromatic, this inviting wine with its ruby red hints offers aromas of roses and red fruits such as cherry, strawberry and raspberry. The finish is crisp, refreshing and well-balanced.

    Salentein, Portillo Rosé

  • Château Du Cedre Heritage, Cahors
    South-West France, France
    95% Malbec & 5% Merlot
    Predominantly Malbec with just a drop of Merlot, this organic red offers fantastic value for money! Full of dark fruits (blackberries and blueberries) with silky smooth tannins and a touch of earthiness to the finish.

    Château Du Cedre Heritage, Cahors

  • Château Du Cedre, Cahors
    South-West France, France
    This well structured organic Malbec is as good as they get! Complex, with layers of flavours; Black fruit is beautifully merried up with oaky notes (cedar wood, leather). Slightly grippy tannins will soften given a few years of ageing.

    Château Du Cedre, Cahors

  • kaiken-ultra-malbec
    Mendoza, Argentina
    100% Malbec
    The Ultra Malbec stands out with its intense red colour and ruby rim. The nose offers fruity aromas of blueberry and ripe plum, accompanied by notes of black pepper and rosemary. The palate is well rounded with smooth, elegant tannins complemented by a well-balanced acidity. This is a powerful and lively wine with a pleasing finish hinting of black fruits, vanilla and tobacco.

    Kaiken 'Ultra' Mendoza Malbec

  • Andeluna Pasionado Cuatro Cepas 2011
    Mendoza, Argentina
    Cabernet Sauvignon 20%, Merlot 35%, Malbec 35%, and Cabernet Franc 10%.
    Intense aromas of dark red fruits - blackberry, cassis, followed by ripe fruit and a bit of spice on the palate. Finishing with a hint of minty toast. A full-bodied wine with well-rounded tannins that lingers in your mouth for a long time.

    Andeluna Pasionado Cuatro Cepas 2011

  • Mendel Malbec 2013
    Mendoza, Argentina
    Beautifully balanced wine with aromas of espresso, black plum, violet, and ripe raspberry. Full-bodied and dense, it is chewy in the mouth with flavours of raspberry, roasted herb and a hint of mint.

    Mendel Malbec 2013

  • Colomé Malbec 2014
    On the nose, blackberries, cherries and raspberries with a touch of violet and spice. Fresh, bright and fruity on the palate with complex and velvety tannins. A long and delicate finish.

    Colomé Malbec 2014

  • Vasse Felix Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
    85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Malbec, 2% Petit Verdot
    Full on aromas of black cherry and blackcurrant followed by chocolate and coffee beans. Hints of sage and bay leaf linger. On the palate, juicy with dark cherry and savoury chocolate, a bright acidity and soft tannins. Finishing dry it lingers awhile.

    Vasse Felix Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

  • De Morgenzon Maestro
    Stellenbosch, South Africa
    45% Cabernet Sauvignon 24% Malbec 16% Merlot 15% Cabernet Franc
    Soft and silky on the palate with notes of rich, red fruit, dried herbs, and cigar box. Perfume and plums on the nose.

    De Morgenzon Maestro

  • Chateau de Chambert Cahors Malbec 2010
    Languedoc, France
    Merlot, Malbec
    Complex characters of red fruit, violets and silky tannins. This wine is aged for 12 months in barrel which gives it a delicate spice of French oak. A generous, rich wine with elegant acidity which has a tremendous potential for ageing.

    Chateau de Chambert Cahors Malbec 2010

    Mendoza, Argentina
    90% Malbec, 5% Petit Verdot, 5% Cabernet Franc
    An excellent bottle to give any malbec lover! A great display of what Argentina does best, presented in a red card gift box. Ripe plum and chocolate flavours, a very soft and supple mouthfeel with excellent structure and length. Blackberry fruit with a slight earthy mineral tone and notes of spicy black pepper, exceptional concentration and explosive floral aromatic.


  • Kaiken "Terroirs Series" Vistaflores 2017
    Wine of the Year at the Irish Wine Show Star Awards 2018-2019. With a deep brilliant purplish red colour, this wine has fruit notes of plums and spices such as thyme. The palate displays the silky character of Malbec framed by the structure and freshness of Petit Verdot. The finish reveals interesting notes of fresh fruit from Bonarda.

    Kaiken "Terroirs Series" Vistaflores 2017

  • Pyros Barrel Selected Malbec
    Pyros Barrel Selected Malbec pours a deep red with noticeable purplish hues. On the nose distinguishable fruity character with notes of fresh berries and marmalade and a delicate complexity provided by the wood aging. On the palate it is silky, fresh with a sweet and persistent finish.

    Pyros Barrel Selected Malbec

  • Pyros Single Vineyard Malbec
    Pyros Single Vineyard Malbec has a deep purplish red colour. In the nose it is fresh but at the same time it is mature with exotic fruity sensations of sweet and sour cherries. There are herbal sensations reminiscent of anise, while wood brings great complexity and elegance. In the mouth it is a deep, complex and balanced wine, with a highly pleasant and gentle texture. Its tannins are strong but very smooth and balanced.

    Pyros Single Vineyard Malbec

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