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Matsu El Picaro Toro

Matsu El Picaro Toro

It has an intense aroma in which one can find dark fruits such as blackberries and blueberries, mineral notes also appear, creating this fresh wine with complexity.
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All the families in this region own a vineyard that has been passed down for generations. This emotional connection that unites them makes it impossible for them to let go of it. Therefore the vineyard continues to be like just another member of the family, which they take care of with dedication and passion 365 days a year, in an almost traditional way. But this lifestyle stuck in the past is in danger, as many winegrowers want a less self-sacrificing life far removed from the countryside for their children. Something that is causing rapid rural depopulation, with the risk that very soon there will be no one left to continue expanding the history of Toro wines. That is why at Matsu we continue to focus on this unique wine region in the world. To do so, we collaborate with small wine growers, helping to promote the economy of the area and preventing a large number of centenary vineyards from being abandoned or uprooted.

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