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We offer a comprehensive wedding and events service and have many years of experience in this area. Our huge range has something to suit every budget and taste. We are happy to advise you in making your selection and can provide you with all of your beverage needs for the big day. Our services include the following:

  • 10% off  back onto your loyalty card when you buy 6 or more bottles of wine, champagne & sparkling
  • Sale or Return on up to 25%
  • Expert Wine & Food Pairing
  • Free Dublin Delivery on orders over €200
  • Free Glass Hire

First things first, is supplying your own alcohol an option at the venue where your event is taking place? If so, great! Let's set about getting you much better value for your money!

Does your venue charge corkage and if so, how much?

Corkage is basically a handling fee charged by the venue on each bottle of wine/champagne/sparkling which has not been bought on the premises. This charge can vary greatly and is usually higher on champagne and sparkling wines. The average cost for corkage, per bottle of wine, can be anywhere between €7 and €20, with this average increasing to approximately €10 to €30 for champagne and sparkling wines. Be sure to negotiate.

Generally speaking, people choose the 'house' wines and sparkling wines being offered by a venue. House wines have a very high margin. For example, if the venue charge in the region of €30 for their house wines, these same wines would normally retail at about €8 - €10. When buying your wines from us, you are guaranteed to get better quality wines for your money. For example, spend €12 per bottle of wine with us and, even with an additional charge for corkage of, say, €10 you are spending a total of €22 per bottle - a higher quality wine for substantially less money. We offer generous discounts on bulk orders too with 10% off any 6 bottles a minimum – if we can do a better deal, we will!

How much do you need?

A standard sized bottle of champagne or sparkling wine will yield 8 glasses. For receptions, you should ideally allow for about 2-3 glasses per person. For example, for 100 people you will need 200 glasses or approximately 25 bottles. For toasts, 1 glass per guest is fine so, again, for 100 people, about 13 bottles should be sufficient.

For wine, we generally allow for half a bottle per person. A standard sized bottle of wine serves approximately 6 average sized glasses, so 3 glasses per person. It is likely there will be people at your event who won't drink any wine, but it is also likely there will be those who make up for this minority! For 100 people, we recommend buying approximately 50 bottles of wine.

Unsure of how much red and how much white?

Generally, an even split between the two works well. However, this can vary with the seasons with more people drinking white during the summer months and red throughout the winter season. It is also worth considering your menu when deciding this ratio of red to white wine. Of course, we are happy to advise you on this and can help you find the perfect pairings for your canapé and dinner menus.

Even with these general rules, it can be difficult to judge how much will be needed. Remember, you can always buy a little extra using our sale or return service – up to 25% of your order can be returned if unopened. It's nice to have the safety of a few more bottles 'just in case'.

Do you need glasses?

Depending on the venue, you may need to supply glassware. Having a party in your home? Very few of us have enough glasses to cater for large parties. We offer free glass hire with event orders so having enough wine glasses or flutes won't be a problem. This free hire is subject to a fully refundable deposit. Glasses must be returned washed and unbroken. You will only be charged for individual glass breakages.

Remember, we deliver nationally and can do so in advance of your event or wedding, to your home or directly to the venue. We even offer free Dublin delivery on all orders over €200 within the numerical postal districts.

For starters, why not have a browse through our suggested Wedding Wines?

If you have any questions about our wedding and event services, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch shortly. If you'd prefer, please visit or call us - we’re happy to answer all of your enquiries and help you make the most of your special day!

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