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  • Angostura 1919
    Trinidad & Tobago
    Angostura 1919 is a specially blended multiple award-winning rum, which celebrates a very particular date in the development of the rum industry in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the Caribbean and has been aged for at least eight years in bourbon barrels. A rich and spiced nose leads on to a juicy, sweet, caramel flavoured palate.

    Angostura 1919

  • Angostura 5 Year-Old
    Trinidad & Tobago
    It presents chocolate, spice, vanilla and toasted oak flavours and provides a remarkably warm and mellow finish. It can be enjoyed neat as a sipping rum, or over ice, but its deep character lends to being mixed with stronger mixes, spices and herbs.

    Angostura 5 Year-Old

  • Angostura 7 Year-Old
    Trinidad & Tobago
    Aged for a minimum of seven years in 'once used' bourbon casks until it can be bottled, this rum is packed with mouth watering flavours that include maple, chocolate, honey and toffee and presents a rich full-bodied taste that tapers off in to the classic rum finish.

    Angostura 7 Year-Old

  • Bacardi, 70cl
    Puerto Rico
    With distinctive vanilla and almond notes which are developed in white oak barrels and shaped through a secret blend of charcoal for a distinctive smoothness.

    Bacardi, 70cl

  • Captain Morgan, 'Naggin', 20cl
    A spiced rum made from a delicious blend of Caribbean rums, spices and flavourings.

    Captain Morgan, 'Naggin', 20cl

  • Captain Morgan, 70cl
    Smooth and medium-bodied, Captain Morgan's Spiced is a spirit drink based on a secret blend of premium Caribbean rums, mellow spice and other natural flavours. It gets its distinct richness and amber colour from ageing the rum in charred white oak barrels.

    Captain Morgan, 70cl

  • Dictador 12 Year-Old
    Dictador 123 years old is made from the fermentation of virgin sugar cane honey distilled partly in copper alembic and partly in steel continuous column, to achieve a medium body rum. Aged in pre-used oak barrels using the solera method and finally bottled under the highest quality control to ensure all the secrets are contained in the liquid flavour. Rich amber colour with reddish tones, the nose is intense with soft caramel, honey, dry seeds, lightly roasted coffee giving way to medium oak aromas. Soft and round feel in the mouth with caramel, cocoa, and honey light coffee flavours. The finish has a light oakiness with complexity of lingering flavours

    Dictador 12 Year-Old

  • Goslings Black Seal
    Gosling's Black Seal is a unique blend by Gosling Brothers of Bermuda. Aged in oak barrels, it has a rich, intricate flavour, well balanced and nuanced with butterscotch, vanilla and caramel.

    Goslings Black Seal

  • Mount Gay Rum
    Eclipse is the reference for character, body and aroma. Brilliant golden amber colour, subtle smokiness imparted by the toasted Kentucky oak barrels in which the rum is aged for a minimum of two years, given it a luxuriously complex aroma.

    Mount Gay Rum

  • Diplimático Mantuano
    A blended aged rum for up to 8 years in white oak casks (ex-Bourbon/Malt-whisky). Combining column, batch kettle, and pot still distillates elaborated from sugar cane, molasses and honey. Aromas of dried fruits, delicate spice, and oak. Well-balanced on the palate with vanilla, dark fruit, wood - finishes with a slightly dry finish.

    Diplimático Mantuano

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