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Kinsale Mead Co. Atlantic Dry Mead Ireland

Kinsale Mead Co. Atlantic Dry Mead Ireland

What is Mead? Mead is the world’s oldest alcoholic drink, with a global history over 9,000 years. It has been made and drunk in Ireland for centuries. There are many styles including meads with fruit, spices and herbs but once most of the fermentable sugars come from honey, then it’s a Mead. The honey is mixed with local water, fruit and yeast and fermented off dry. Kinsale Mead A light, refreshing drink, handcrafted in small batches using natural ingredients, old recipes and modern techniques. Naturally gluten free. Low in Sulfites. Atlantic Dry Mead A traditional style mead made from raw orange blossom honey carefully sourced from Southern Spain. Off dry, 12% ABV. Gold medal at the 2018 International Mazer Cup. Gold award at the 2018 Free From Food Awards. Silver award at 2018 Blas na hÉireann Two stars in the Great Taste Awards 2019 Tasting Notes: A lovely citrus, floral aroma and long lingering hints of honey with almost no sweetness. An attractive, soft, honeyed taste which is very enjoyable and certainly different and definitely intriguing. Serve: Enjoy chilled or over ice with an orange garnish. Cocktail: Bees Knees: Atlantic Dry Mead, premium gin, lemon juice and honey Food Pairing: Lovely with almonds, fish and oysters or try pairing it with a lemon tart or buttermilk panna cotta. Honeymoon It is said a month’s supply or a moon cycle of mead was gifted to newlyweds to bring good luck to the marriage, hence the name Honeymoon.


"Our mead is handcrafted in West Cork in our family run meadery in Barrack Lane in Kinsale (close to the site of the 1601 Battle of Kinsale). Each batch is carefully mixed, fermented and matured with care and passion and attention to quality and sustainability. As is traditional, we use pure honey, local water and yeast as well as carefully sourced fruits in our authentic meads. We don't use a white wine base and no sugar is added. Naturally Gluten Free."

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