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Grappa Masottina

Grappa Masottina

This grappa is obtained by distilling the marc resulting from the vinification of Prosecco grapes. The aroma is intense and has a flowery aroma of hydrangea and musk. The flavour is harmonious, fresh, fine, with a persistent aroma and an aftertaste that clearly reminds of green almonds and golden apples. It can be sipped as an aperitif or at the end of a meal


The Dal Bianco family has passionately devoted its energy to producing wine since 1946. It all began when grandfather Epifanio acquired the Ai Palazzi estate at Gorgo al Monticano, comprising five hectares of vineyards and a farmhouse. Renovation of the farmhouse brought to light the word MASOTTINA on one of the original walls: MASOTTINA then became the name of the company.


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