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Celtic Cask Fiche a Hocht 28

Distillery: Cooley

Style: Single Malt, 46%.

Bottle: 40 of 333

Producer: Celtic Cask Fiche a Hocht was double distilled at the Cooley distillery and first matured in fresh Bourbon barrels for 14 years. It was then re-casked in a red Burgundy cask from Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret for over 3 years. Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret is one of the Burgundy region's finest estates. Limited to 333 bottles.

Taste: Soft and silky with a little wood smoke. Charred pineapple, orange zest, lemon meringue. Well-balanced and fruity.

Finish: It is warming with a lvoely fruity finish.

Country Ireland
Region Louth
ABV 46%