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Nationwide = Wednesday, December 11th
Dublin = Wednesday, December 18th

orders must be placed before 2pm


We offer free delivery within Dublin (numerical postal districts) for all orders over €200. This offer does not apply for nationwide deliveries, a delivery charge will always apply.

For orders below €200, Dublin or nationwide, delivery charges apply as follow:


  • 1 Case = €10
    [Where 1 Case = 1 - 12 bottle(s) of wine/spirit or 1 - 24 bottle(s) of beer, or a mixture. For package and delivery purposes, 1 bottle of wine/spirit = 2 bottles of beer, e.g. 18 beers, 2 wines and 1 spirit = 1 case = €10]
  • 2 Cases = €20
    e.g. 13 – 24 bottles of wine/spirit or 25 – 48 bottles of beer, or a mixture.
  • 3 Cases = €30 and so on.

I.e. The minimum delivery charge for all orders under €200 is €15, with each added case incurring an additional delivery charge of €10 per case.

International Delivery Charges: 1 bottle of wine Generally equates to approximately 1kg weight. (750g contents plus glass bottle)


0-3kg = 21 Euros

4-6kg = 24 Euros

7-9kg = 27 Euros

10-12kg = 30 Euros

13-15kg = 33 Euros

16-18kg = 36 Euros

19-21kg = 39 Euros

22-24kg = 42 Euros

Zone 2: France, Germany, Monaco, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium

0-3kg = 26 Euros

4-6kg = 33 Euros

7-9kg = 40 Euros

10-12kg  = 47 Euros

13-15kg = 54 Euros

16-18kg = 61 Euros

19-21kg = 68 Euros

22-24kg = 75 Euros

Zone 3: Finland, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Austria, Italy

0-3kg = 27 Euros

4-6kg = 35 Euros

7-9kg = 43 Euros

10-12kg = 52 Euros

13-15kg = 60 Euros

16-18kg = 68 Euros

19-21kg = 76 Euros

22-24kg = 84 Euros

Zone 4: Estonia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Hungary

0-3kg = 30 Euros

4-6kg = 39 Euros

7-9kg = 48 Euros

10-12kg = 57 Euros

13-15kg = 66 Euros

16-18kg = 75 Euros

19-21kg = 84 Euros

22-24kg = 93 Euros

Zone 5: Switzerland, Norway, Jersey, Guernsey

0-3kg = 48 Euros

4-6kg = 57 Euros

7-9kg = 66 Euros

10-12kg = 75 Euros

13-15kg = 84 Euros

16-18kg = 93 Euros

19-21kg = 102 Euros

22-24kg = 111 Euros



Savoie Glasses

Minimum delivery charge is €10 (for 1 or 2 units of 12 i.e. 12-24 glasses) with 2 units of 12 being considered 1 case.

36 - 48 glasses (3-4 units) would be two cases with a delivery charge, therefore, of €20.

Riedel Glasses

From 1-4 units (2-8 glasses as they are sold in 2 packs) considered one case with a charge of €10. 5-8 units (10-16 glasses) would be two cases with delivery charge of €20 and so on.

Decanters Considered one case per decanter. Delivery charge per decanter is €10. 2 decanters is €20 delivery and so on.

If glassware is combined with other products, 1 riedel (unit of 2 glasses) = 25% of case i.e. to be considered the same as 3 wines/6 beers, 1 Savoie (unit of 12 glasses) = 50% of case or same as 6 wines/12 beers.

Dublin delivery only.

If you wish to send orders to a number of different addresses, each address will be regarded as a separate delivery and therefore, will incur any relevant delivery charges.

Accepted orders, placed before midday on a working day, will generally be delivered within 2 – 3 working days, unless otherwise specified. Any orders placed with us after midday will be treated as if placed on the following day. Deliveries are made during business hours. Although we will make every effort to ensure delivery times are met, we do not accept liability for failure to deliver within the stated times. Delivery dates and times are an estimate only. During peak times, particularly close to and during the Christmas period, your order may take a little longer to arrive. In these circumstances, we would be grateful if you could place your orders as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

If you have any further queries regarding delivery charges or would like to check the status of an order, please don't hesitate to contact us on +353 (0)1 667 3033 or by emailing info@baggotstreetwines.com. If you have any special requirements, such as next day delivery, we will do our best to meet your needs.

Upon delivery, if no one is present to receive the goods at the arranged time and address, our delivery driver will try to make contact by phone. Failing this, goods may be retained and a 'Notice of Attempted Delivery' will be left with any relevant follow-up details. It is essential that a contact number is provided when placing an order.

Goods must be received and signed for by someone aged 18 years or over. If our drivers should ask for proof of age, and it cannot be provided, the goods will be retained until they can be received by someone aged 18 years or over. Our drivers reserve the right to ask for valid proof of age, so please don't be offended should this happen.