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Chinnery Gin 70cl

A brand new favourite addition to our Irish Gin selection!
"With Chinnery Gin, we wanted to capture some of the romance of the Old China Trade. In the early 19th Century, all trade with Imperial China was conducted at the southern port of Canton, by order of the emperor. Among the main commodities purchased there were silk, porcelain, tea and cassia.
We searched the wholesale tea market at Canton for a very particular variety of oolong tea and combined it with cassia bark (sometimes known as Chinese cinnamon and often used in place of cinnamon) and osmanthus, a flower with a wonderfully sweet fragrance that is redolent of the very streets of Canton.
Chinnery Gin evokes the romance and flavours of the Old China Trade with sweet oolong tea, spicy cassia bark and wonderfully fragrant oamanthus flowers." Chinnery distillery
Country Ireland
Region Dublin