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Casa Belfi Colfondo Prosecco Frizzante Veneto

The project started when when Albino Armani discovered a young oenologist from San Polo di Piave area named Maurizio Donadi. Their encounter gave birth to an inspiring cultivation and processing philosophy, based on the respect for nature and natural traditions.

Day by day, both experts in the fields and in the wine cellar measure up against the rhythm and needs of the vineyards and the grapes. The effort is carried on to the final stage, the bottling, always following the officially certified procedure for organic growing and organic winemaking.

The base for these procedures is still tradition: Colfondo is a perfect example. With its natural sur lie bottle re-fermentation and no filtration, this Prosecco is characterized by natural, country flavour and it is the same type of sparkling wine that our grandparents used to drink.
Food Pairings Shellfish
Appetizers and snacks
Cured Meat
Country Italy
Grape Variety 100% Glera
ABV 10.5
Glass Pairing