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Dan Kellys Colls Craft Cider Irish Cider 50cl

What makes our ciders unique is that we don’t only manage our own orchards – we handpick our own apples too. The orchards cover 80 acres and boast 20 different apples, harvesting between mid-August to late November, and sometimes even December. We are one of only a few cider producers in Ireland who grow our own fruit.

We don’t use sulphites or cultured yeasts. We don’t add acid, artificial colours, sweeteners or anything else. We simply press the apples and let wild yeasts do their thing.
Food Pairings Like most ciders, this is delicious with pork!
Region Louth
Country Ireland
ABV 4.50%
Glass Pairing
  • Tuath Irish Whiskey Glass

    The TUATH (tu - ah) is the official Irish Whiskey tasting glass, it has a conical shape that helps nose the whiskey by enhancing the aroma at the top thus preparing the palate for flavor. PERFECT FIT - The stem is not symmetrical but is reminiscent of the rugged Irish coastline. Fits incredibly securely fits in the shape of your hand when enjoying whiskey. GENEROUS SIZE - It is a generously sized glass like the generous spirits of the Irish people. GREAT GIFT - for a whiskey drinker, or a gift for anyone who enjoys whiskey.