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Cabernet Franc, Dorigo

Cabernet Franc has been grown in Friuli for centuries. It should be said, however, that most of the older vine stock comprises Carmenère, Cabernet Franc's near twin. The reason for the variety's success in Friuli is simple. The region's climate and soil types have proved to be an ideal growing environment.

Late harvest has taken the edge off Cabernet Franc's characteristic green notes. The wine completed malolactic fermentation, before maturing for eight months in oak, to mellow out the tannins. The final product is a warm, soft, spicily aromatic wine that can be aged in the cellar for many years.
Colour, Body, Origin
Food Pairings A great red as an aperitif or perfect accompaniment with cold meats and cheese
Country Italy
Region Fruili
Grape Variety 100% Cabernet Franc
ABV 12.5%
Body Medium
Colour/Style Red