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  • Green Spot Chateau Léoville Barton
    The 1st ever Single Pot Still to be finished in Bordeaux wine casks! Start its life in the traditional mix of ex-Oloroso Sherry, new and ex-Bourbon barrels then it is transferred into ex-Bordeaux wine casks from 12-24 months to finish maturing. Aromas of citrus, red apples, ginger, clove and cola. Fruity on the palate with orange, boiled sweets, barley sugar and citrus peel. Slight spice with a dry finish and nice notes of oak.

    Green Spot Chateau Léoville Barton

  • Bulleit Rye
    An award winning, straight rye whiskey! Malt bill of 95% rye and 5% malted barley, it is very smooth with hints of honey, vanilla and spice. A crisp, clean finish with lingering spice.

    Bulleit Rye

  • Teeling Single Grain, Mini
    Recently Awarded 'World's Best Grain' at the World Whiskies Awards, 2014. This award-winning whiskey is one of only a handful of Single Grain Bottlings in the world. Strong spice at the start developing into lush red berries and grapes, with drying tannin effect at the end.

    Teeling Single Grain, Mini

  • Teeling Small Batch, Mini
    Teeling Small Batch bottling consists of hand selected casks which are given further maturation in ex-Flor de Cana Rum barrels imparting an extra sweet and smooth flavour unique to Irish Whiskey. By bottling at 46% with no chill filtration completes an Irish Whiskey of true character.

    Teeling Small Batch, Mini

  • Prizefight Whiskey
    A blend of malt and grain whiskey aged in ex-Bourbon casks then finished in American Rye casks. It is a smooth, easy drinking whiskey with hints of rye spice. Works well in a number of cocktails!

    Prizefight Whiskey

  • Jack Ryan 'Beggars Bush" 12 year old Single Malt
    A single malt aged for 12 years in ex-Bourbon casks for the Ryan Family to commemorate 100 years at Beggars Bush. A sweet, mellow single malt with notes of vanilla, honey and a spicy, warm finish.

    Jack Ryan 'Beggars Bush" 12 year old Single Malt

  • Redbreast Lustau
    A gorgeous treat! Matured in Bourbon and Sherry casks for 9-12 years then finished for an additional year in first fill Sherry butts seasoned with the finest Oloroso Sherry from the prestigious Bodegas Lustau in Jerez, Spain. Rich dark fruits, dates, figs, and warming spices on the nose. A creamy Pot Still with rich deep fruit, spice and oak. A long finish with sweet spice and deep oak.

    Redbreast Lustau

  • Roe & Co Blended Whiskey
    A blend of malt and grain whiskey aged in ex-Bourbon barrels with an emphasis on first fill casks. Diageo's first release whiskey under their future distillery brand which will be housed on the Guinness property. This is an easy drinking whiskey which is perfect for cocktails.

    Roe & Co Blended Whiskey

  • Glendalough 7 year old Single Malt
    Aged 7 years in first fill Bourbon casks, this whiskey comes from Glendalough (the valley of two lakes) just outside Dublin. On the nose is rich and sweet with notes of citrus, cinnamon, vanilla, and meadow flowers. Velvety on the palate with orange zest, rich creme brûlée, dark chocolate, white pepper, and a hint of butterscotch. A spicy, sweet warming finish.

    Glendalough 7 year old Single Malt

  • Knob Creek Rye
    A straight rye whiskey with aromas of oak, herbs and spice. Bold rye spiciness on the tongue with notes of vanilla and oak followed by a warm, spiced finish.

    Knob Creek Rye

  • Auchentoshan 12 Year Old
    Triple distilled then matured for over twelve years. Our Lowland Single Malt Whisky has the tempting aroma of toasted almonds, caramelised toffee and the signature smooth, delicate, Auchentoshan taste.

    Auchentoshan 12 Year Old

  • Slane Castle Whiskey
    A blended whiskey aged in three varieties of casks: virgin American oak, seasoned bourbon casks and ex-oloroso sherry casks. An easy drinker on its own or in cocktails. Aromas of caramel, vanilla, deep fruit, and toasted oak followed by a bit of spice on the palate, dried fruit, butterscotch and hints of vanilla.

    Slane Castle Whiskey

  • Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey, 70cl
    Wicklow, Ireland
    Single grain whiskey aged in first fill Bourbon Casks, then Oloroso Sherry casks before being cut with fresh, cool Wicklow mountain water. The nose is slight but undoubtedly rich with dark fruit; cherry, raisin, fig along with floral lemongrass and a touch of nutmeg. The taste is sweet and creamy on the palate, with butterscotch, honey and peppercorn bringing along sweet Bourbon Cask notes with dried fruit returning through notes of maraschino cherries and a pinch of brown sugar. The finish has lingering notes of ginger spices with a faint glimmer of almond to end a complex Irish Whiskey from start to finish.

    Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey, 70cl

  • Teeling Single Malt, 70cl
    Staff Favourite
    Dublin, Ireland
    A great fruity nose, rich with notes of tropical fruits, melon, figs and citrus notes of lemon and orange. The palate is packed full of flavour - citrus fruits mingle alongside delicious hints of spice, vanilla and ginger. There is a long, sweet finish to this whiskey with dry tannins from it's wood aging in five different wine cask (Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy and Cabernet Sauvignon).

    Teeling Single Malt, 70cl

  • Midleton Very Rare, 2016
    Cork, Ireland

    Midleton Very rare was first released in 1984. Only 50 casks are released each year which makes them very collectible, especially older and harder to find vintages. The whiskeys used in the blend are hand picked by the Master Distiller, all triple distilled and have aged between 12 and 25 years in individually Bourbon or Sherry casks.

    Nose: Wonderful aromas of tropical fruits, sweet shops, candy floss, ginger snaps, toasty oak, vanilla, fresh oranges and apples.

    Palate: Smooth and soft showing some delicate pot still character. Honey, beeswax and floral notes to begin, followed by gently spicy notes of ground ginger, vanilla, oak, and even some old engine oil notes which are reminiscent of classic old pot still whiskeys.

    Finish: Apricot, mango and underlying hints of peppered oak.

    Midleton Very Rare, 2016

  • Maker's Mark
    Rich and fruity in style with aromas of plums and honey, then malty, nutty, toffee and caramel, finishing with smooth creamy vanilla. A super-refined, double-distilled, rye-free bourbon at 95 proof. Each bottle is wax-sealed by hand.

    Maker's Mark

  • Jim Beam
    One of the worlds biggest selling bourbons. Formerly known as Old Tub Jim Beam is distilled in Kentucks using a mix of corn, rye, and barley. It is twice distilled creating a full and smooth bourboun.

    Jim Beam

  • Drumshanbo Inaugural Release Single Pot Still
    The Drumshanbo inaugural release is a triple distilled Single Pot Still with a mash bill of malted Irish barley, un-malted Irish barley and Irish Barra oats matured in a combination of Kentucky Bourbon barrels and Oloroso Sherry casks. This limited expression contains whiskey from the first ever cask distilled at the Shed Distillery in Leitrim on 21st December 2014 and has incredible rich flavours of pot spice, dried fruits and figgy pudding.

    Drumshanbo Inaugural Release Single Pot Still

  • Dingle Single Malt Batch 3
    The much anticipated third release has been created by the marriage of meticulously selected casks, both Port and Bourbon. This single malt Irish whiskey is a small piece of history, unique and rare.

    Dingle Single Malt Batch 3

  • dingle cask strength batch 4
    Kerry, Ireland
    Dingle Cask Strength Batch 4 is a limited release. Only a very limited amount of bottles, totalling 500, were created, giving a nod to the Dingle Founding Fathers. This is bottle number 150/500 and is currently the only available bottle. Finished in Bourbon, Sherry and Port casks. This whiskey is a full-flaboured, yet harmoniously balanced mix of creamy vanilla sweetness from American Oak, which combines beautifully with dried fruit flavours of apricot and sultanas from the fortified wine casks. "This cask strength limited edition release of our Batch No. 4 whiskey reflects the original flavour of the Single Malt whiskey matured in a marriage of Bourbon, Sherry and Port casks. The significance in 500 bottles is a nod to, and reflects our Founding Fathers all across the world. It is at this strength where the flavour profile shows the true extent of this whiskey." Dingle Distillery


  • Teeling Renaissance 18 year old Single Malt Series 1
    From the most famous family in Irish Whiskey Distilling. Based in the Liberties in Dublin 8 from the brains of Stephen and Jack, sons of Whiskey Revolutionary John Teeling. This is the latest limited release, which takes over where the Revival Series 1-5 left off. A Limited Release of 9000 bottles of an amazingly beautiful bottle and box containing one of the finest ever 18 year old Malts ever made. Finished in Madeira casks. This is a sure fire guaranteed collectible whiskey to drink now or treasure for years to come.

    Teeling Renaissance 18 year old Single Malt Series 1

  • Teeling Galway Bay Barley Wine Cask, 70cl
    Staff Favourite
    Dublin, Ireland
    A great whiskey son of the collaboration between Teeling and Galway Bay, limited to 12,000 bottles! Intense yet delciate, dried fruit, notes of rum & raisin. Cherry and hint of honey.

    Teeling Galway Bay Barley Wine Cask, 70cl

  • Knappogue Castle 21 Year-Old, Single Malt
    An exclusive limited edition single malt Irish whiskey made exclusively from malted barley. Distilled in copper pot stills and matured in B1 bourbon casks, this whiskey is a blend of 21 &23 year old whiskey, aged in casks in 1994 and 1996. Lot of spices on the nose, cinnamon & clove. Soft oak flavour on the palate that remains softly in the mouth.

    Knappogue Castle 21 Year-Old, Single Malt

  • Teeling Revival 15 Year Old 1st Edition
    Dublin, Ireland
    The first release from the Revival range. The Revival bottling consists of 15 year old single malt Irish whiskey distilled in 1999, matured exclusively in ex-rum casks and bottled at 46% with no chill filtration, creating a unique Irish whiskey. This bottling is limited to only 10,000 bottles. Tasting notes: on the palate the flavours are rich, with lots of spice and heat coming through. The oak becomes a cinnamon and vanilla flavour, with a thick wooded note to it. This adds depth and complexity to a wonderful dram.

    Teeling Revival 15 Year Old 1st Edition

  • Dingle Single Malt Batch 2
    Kerry, Ireland
    *Limited to 1 per person* A much anticipated second release created with the marriage of sherry casks (Pedro Ximienz and Oloroso) and ex-bourbon casks. This single malt Irish whiskey is a small piece of history, unique and rare. Tasting notes: this whiskey is delicate, dry with citrus and subtle vanilla notes. It dances across the palate and has a long elegant complexity to it. This exquisite version has been discontinued.

    Dingle Single Malt Batch 2

  • Glendalough Mizunara finish single malt 13 year old
    Wicklow, Ireland

    Distilled in Glendalough, co. Wicklow.

    "This winner of World Best Irish Whiskey, is now the first, and only, Irish Whiskey released with a Japanese minuzara finish.

    Extremely rare, and expensive, our virgin Japanese mizunara, comes from Hokkaido, the rugged most northern island of Japan. It is coopered to order in Japan's only independent cooperage, by Japan's oldest cooper. Mizunara amplifies much of what is already there while layering on more vanilla smoothness, sandlewood notes and even a little coconut, or gorse flower if you're from our neck of the woods.

    This whiskey has very different and exotic flavours compared with what you'd expect from an Irish single malt. And there's not a lot of it around! This is one to snap up and savour.

    The nose. Honeycomb, vanilla, apricot, and citrus. The taste.Velvety smooth with more vanilla, fudge, rock candy, peach and marmalade followed by sandalwood, cinnamon, and oriental spices.The finish. Put it this way... "The longest milk chocolate finish in the history of Irish Whiskey" Jim Murray. " -From Glendalough website-

    Glendalough Mizunara finish single malt 13 year old

  • Teeling Collinstown Collection 12 year-old
    Dublin, Ireland

    Distilled in Dublin.

    Style: Malt & Grain in ex-Loupiac wine casks.

    Bottle release: 6000

    Producer: The Teeling family have been making whiskey since 1782 in their distillery in Marrowbone Lane, in the Liberties area of Dublin. Several generations later, Teeling opened their brand new distillery in 2013 where Jack and Stephen are the newest generation to carry on the family legay.

    Nose: Citrus notes; stewed lemons, clementine and marmalade.

    Palate: Ripe peaches, pineapple syrup, apricot and cantaloupe melon intermingle.

    Finish: Spiced and balanced yet robust finish.

    Teeling Collinstown Collection 12 year-old

  • Red Spot 15 year old Single Pot Still BATCH 2 NOW AVAILABLE!
    Cork, Ireland

    Last time it was released it was in 1960s, now Red Spot is finally back. An exciting whiskey by the Mitchell family, a 15 year old whiskey made up of 3 parts aged in different casks, Bourbon, Spanish sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala wine casks, and then blended together. The Red Spot name (as for the Yellow & Green Spot) comes from the family tradition of marking the casks of different ages with spot of different colours.

    Nose: rich and intensewith black cherry, cooked fruits note and a hint of mango.

    Taste: A mix of ripe fruit sweetness from the Marsala seasoned wine casks. While the fruit remains, sweet red pepper and cracked black pepper and some spiciness, finished by notes of American oak and barley.

    Finish: An extra long infusion of fruit and spices. Strictly 1 per customer max

    Red Spot 15 year old Single Pot Still BATCH 2 NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Hamper
    Dublin, Ireland

    1 bottle Teeling Small Batch whiskey 

    Teeling Hat

    Teeling Flask

    Teeling Whiskey Glass

    Teeling Keyring

    2 for 1 Voucher Distillery Tour & Tasting

    ~ In hexagon hamper

    Teeling Small Batch Whiskey Hamper

  • Teeling Single Malt Whiskey Hamper
    A constant customer favourite, particularly at Christmas. Presented in an hexagon hamper, this gift set includes Teeling Single Malt Whiskey, one Teeling Hat, one Teeling Flask, one Teeling Glass, one Teeling Keyring and a 2 for 1 Voucher Distillery Tour & Tasting.

    Teeling Single Malt Whiskey Hamper

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