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Killahora Orchards Irish Poiré 2017 Sparkling Wine

From co. Cork following on from their apple port and ice wine, comes this fabolous looking 7.5% abv Perry made with Perry pears in the ancient and incredibly popular nowadays Pétillant-Naturel (Pét-nat or Poiré in France) style meaning that the perry juice undergoes natural fermentation without adding yeast. After a very slow and long fermentation the perry is bottled with the live natural yeast and a little sugar.

Notes of lemonade, gooseberry and white flowers. Fresh, with a superb texture, unique!
Body, Origin
Country Ireland
Region Cork
Grape Variety Pear varieties: Oldfield, Blakeney Red, Hendre Huffcap, Yellow Huffcap
ABV 7.5
Body Light