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  1. Eight Degrees Amber Ella, 33cl

    A lovely amber ale with a bright fruity aroma with notes of citrus. On the palate, tropical fruit flavours with grapefruit and a good body of toffee, finishing dry and bitter.
  2. Eight Degrees Full Irish, 33cl

    A citrus bomb with lime, melon and lychee on nose. Very bright hoppy fruit character with a good malt body. Long bitter finish.
  3. Stag Saor Kolsch Style (Gluten Free), 50cl

    A crisp, refreshing beer in a classic German style using all German ingredients. And gluten free to boot!
  4. Stag Saor Stout (Gluten Free), 50cl

    This is a double chocolate and Madagascan vanilla stout, which is rich and luxurious with incredible smoothness. And it is gluten free!
  5. Blacks of Kinsale Black I.P.A., 50cl

    From County Cork, this dark I.P.A. has a lovely creamy beige head, light taste and hoppy notes. On the palate, hoppy fruity flavours and aromas mixed with roasty bitter chocolate and coffee tones. Low carbonation for a smooth stout like finish.
  6. Eight Degrees Barefoot Bohemian Pilsner Lager, 33cl

    6 for €12.50 - save €2.50! From County Cork, this is an unorthodox lager with complex biscuity malt, soft rounded bitterness and a twist of spice from the noble Saaz and Hallertau hops. This crisp and adventurous drop is perfect for a chilled out summer session.
  7. Eight Degrees Howling Gale Pale Ale, 33cl

    6 for €12.50 - save €2.50! From County Cork, this pale ale is golden in colour. It's malty sweetness is well balanced by the American Chinook, Amarillo and Centennial hops which give a pleasant grapefruit and citrus aroma.
  8. Eight Degrees Knockmealdown Porter, 33cl

    6 for €12.50 - save €2.50! From County Cork, this robust malt-driven porter balances dark malts with some old world bitter hops. It won’t weigh you down like a stout and offers a rich chocolate aroma with a burst of espresso.
  9. Eight Degrees Sunburnt Irish Red, 33cl

    6 for €12.50 - save €2.50! Like an Irishman on holiday in the Canaries, this beer has a red tint and a chilled out, mellow feel. From County Cork, it's a traditional Irish style red ale with a twist. It has subtle caramel notes balanced with a pleasant fragrant aroma from New Zealand and Australian hops.
  10. Stonewell Dry Irish Cider, 50cl

    Made with fresh juice from Dabinett, Michelin, Jonagored, Elstar & Falstaff apple varieties. Dry and crisp with a big mouth feel.
  11. Stonewell Medium Dry Irish Cider, 50cl

    A full-bodied medium dry cider. It is crisp and refreshing with a touch of sweetness. A true craft cider.
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